Lara Mirnik – My career path – Detox wellness retreat

Before I stepped on a professional wellness journey, I had to….

I had to say goodbye to “my dear” children. 😥💔 It wasn’t easy for me to leave “my” children behind in kindergarten, extracurricular activities, camps and birthdays. I dedicated 11 years of my life to them. They were different ages (from 9 months to 12 years), different levels of stubbornes, but always curious, full of imagination, ready for new learning and CARING. When you are present and genuine with a child, he takes you to a world of simplicity, curiosity, sincerity, kindness and love. It was an honor for me to look at every pebble, every flower and wonder together with them “What is this? How does that feel? Why is that?” 😍❤🎨⭐

Life works in misterious ways, but always by putting you where you can and should learn more or new. It was time for me to leave my active role as an educator and my private kindergarten Rainbow. Faculty of Education has taught me how to organise the program threw out the day and the child`s development threw stages, but montessori education (3-6 years) gave me a very good introduction to wellness.

“Help me do it myself.” Maria Montessori

This sentence touched my heart the first time I heard it and I have kept it. I expanded my love for Montessori pedagogy when I visited children in Montessori kindergarten with nuns Ursulines in Ljubljana and later used this method in my private kindergarten Rainbow. A clear mind gives unique results and successfully completed actions and cycles give a positive self-image. I saw with my own eyes the creation of a positive self-image in a preschool child. That’s when I realized how IMPORTANT it is, WHO raises and loves the child. Does this person love, respect and value herself and does she own the knowledge how to raise, educate and guide a child?

I devoted a good 11 years of my life to “MY” CHILDREN. All of those memories I shall forever keep in my heart.❤



When did my professional wellness journey began?

Unknowingly, I had been preparing for this profession and this way of life long before I decided to enroll at the Doba College, Wellnes. I graduated at 34 and it brought me great satisfaction, positive self-image and self-worth. Being an organizer of wellness services means knowing different methods for body, mind and soul. Be able to use all or most of these methods yourself and implement them with the client. Identify the client’s condition on all three levels (body, mind, soul) and prepare and organize a program of various therapies that will help the client prevent problems and/or improve physical, mental and mental problems.

Living in a wellness way is the decision of each individual. A wellness lifestyle is, in other words, loving yourself in a holistic way. To love and take care of your body (preventative, curative in a natural way), of your mind (nurturance of the right and left hemispheres and the areas they govern), of your soul (realize that we are not just a body, but energy and that we are here with a purpose, a goal and with its unique mission).

Being in the role of organizer of Velnej services is a great responsibility and a great love for one’s fellow man.

My work brings me honor, pride and love. ❤❤❤