8 day Full emotional detox program in Cape Town, South Africa


There comes a point in your life where you got to take the bitxx that represents trauma, negative emotions and leck of knowledge/skills by the horn and own it! Cleaning your inner space will give your Queen, the conditions to create New of what you actually Need. 


Emotional detox retreat program by Detox wellness retreat, with Lara Mirnik. You will holistically detox your mind, soul and body.

Detox wellness retreat created, an 8 day wellness retreat program Emotional detox retreat, with Lara Mirnik, MA to assist you to step on your wellness journey with confidence. Starting a wellness journey can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Take simple steps to get you started on your wellness journey











Program includes

8 day Holistic emotional detox wellness program includes:

✔ 7 nights accommodation (single room with a single bed)

✔ Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

✔ Transport from the airport to accommodation and from accommodation back to the airport 

Emotional wellness therapies: 

✔ Developing and bettering your emotional intelligence and its skills (quizzes, group chats, exercises, activities)

✔ Wellness method: Emotional diary for releasing trauma and negative emotions  (individual work)

✔ Self-anaylsis exercises (work in pairs)

✔ Art therapy – Therapy with plasticine (individual session)

✔ Wellness journey program

Spiritual wellness therapies: 

✔ Visualization in a beautiful nature spot, 5x (group) 

✔ Meditation with crystals in a crystal grid, 2x (group)

✔ Mudra meditation with crystals in a crystal grid 2x (group)

✔ Ritual to completely release the negative emotions that no longer serve you

✔ Ritual to invite and create new things, that you need in your life

Physical wellness therapies: 

✔ Pilates with Pilates instructor 2x (group)
✔ Yoga with Yoga Instructor 2x (group)

Wellness trips: (individual/groups) 

✔ All day trip, to see Cape Town (center, penguins, cape of good hope..itd) (group)

Wellness adventures: 

✔ Forest Zipline 
✔ Gala dinner (on the last night)

Options in the FREE time in the afternoon, after 3PM:

✔ Hiking to Table mountain or Lion`s gate (individuals or pairs or group)

✔ Trip to park World of birds (individual or in pairs)

✔ Trip to Two ocean Aquarium (individual or in pairs)

✔ Trip to Museums (individual or in pairs)

✔ Massage with Aromatherapy

✔ Herb body wrap

✔ Shiatzu full massage

✔ Resting or doing something you decide to do





One of the rooms.
One of the rooms.
One of the rooms.


Breakfast area.
Breakfast area.


On of the bathrooms. Each room has its own.
One of the toilets. Each room has its own.

Wellness Team

I am the manager of wellness detox retreat.com and Bio wellness detox center Bela Vilinka in Slovenia, EU,  but I am also wellness program manager. I created Clay detox program 5 years ago, but have adapted it, specifically for Cape Town. I have met all this wonderfull people in Cape Town and without their willingness, kindness, help, motivation and belief, this holistic wellness program would not have come to LIFE. I love Mother City. It is my new Home. I am so gratefull.💓

Lara Maja will be your wellness organiser, adviser and therapist. She holds a BA Wellness organiser, BA Marketer and MA in innovative managament for social and educational studies. Lara is a crystal therapyst, yoga teacher, tai chi instructor, color therapyst, classical masseur, yoni steam therapyst, mudra teacher, reiki terapyst, aromatherapyist. Holds a certificate in art psychotherapy, art therapy, art therapy with sand, emotional tone scale, communication tecniques and many more. She is the founder of Crystal bed, Crystal cards, Art therapy with Plasticine, writer of book Crystal for beginners, Detox with clay, Female`s cycle by woman for women, creator of 2 yoni steam chairs Moon and Sun and much more.


CURRENT OFFER (offer gained on 8.2.2023)

✈ EUROPE: From Vienna – Cape Town and back:

start  in Vienna: 16.3.2023 at 9.25 AM ; land in Cape Town: 17.3.2023 at 5.15 AM 

start in Cape Town: 22.3.2023 at 19.10; land in Vienna: 23.3.2023 at 12.45

PRICE: 721 EUR (contact us or directly Odklop.com, Mrs. Tihana)